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Musings on Mental Health

There are two kinds of pain. The first is the pain we inflict upon ourselves through our mistakes and choices. The second is the pain that another inflicts upon us through their choices. I’ll call it exogenous (from outside) pain which often breeds anger, resentment,...

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Men’s Recovery Zone

Teen DBT Counseling Teens who may be experiencing maladaptive, unsafe and unhealthy coping, patterns of unstable relationships, impulsive and possibly risky behaviors, and emotional upheaval will benefit from this group by developing mindfulness, emotion regulation,...

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New Years Day 2018 Blog

I’m up early on this first day of 2018, and it’s great to be awake to a new day and a new year! New Years Day is an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward with bright hope to the future. It is my mother’s 82nd birthday today. Growing up, New Year’s always...

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Your 2017 Mantra Check-In

How are you doing with January's New Years Resolutions? Are you feeling successful? Or defeated? In the midst of October, it is often difficult to remember goals and resolutions that were set with determination and intention this past new year. Our hearts and minds...

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5 Things Relational People Do

If asked to describe you, would others use the word relational? Relational people sharpen their emotional intelligence by practicing good relational skills. Here are five things you can do now to expand your skills and improve your relationships. Get comfortable with...

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