ARI is pleased to introduce several new groups, with low introductory rates for fall of 2018! Groups are held in the Atlanta Relationship Institute group room. Registration is required in order to attend.

Teen DBT Skills

Teen DBT Skills:   Teens who may be experiencing maladaptive, unsafe and unhealthy coping, patterns of unstable relationships, impulsive and possibly risky behaviors, and emotional upheaval will benefit from this group by developing mindfulness, emotion...

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Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga:   To provide an additional route to stress-management, self-care, and healing for anxiety and depression this yoga therapy class is open to all and incorporates yoga, mindfulness, guided imagery and processing as a group to improve mental, physical,...

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Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays:   This FREE class is open to everyone from meditation newbie to spiritual guru. Join us for a brief mindfulness meditation and activity. Improve your life and make it through the rest of the work day with a sense of grounded focus and...

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Emotion Coaching for Parents

Emotion Coaching for Parents:   What one thing can you do for your child that will make the most difference in their life? Dr. John Gottman has been studying families for over 20 years to discover which children develop successfully and why. He found children who...

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Filial Therapy for Parents

Filial Therapy for Parents:   Children communicate through the language of play. This group teaches parents techniques they can use at home to build and enhance their relationship with their child. Parents will feel empowered to respond to their child with...

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Relationship Skills

Relationship Skills:   Relationship issues often cause deep distress, while mutually beneficial relationships bring fulfillment. Becoming relational is a life skill that can be taught and mastered. This group is designed to equip singles with the tools to...

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Social Skills for Children/Teens

Social Skills For Children / Teens:   Social skills will be taught in a supportive environment where children can role-play and practice social skills and receive feedback from their peers. Children will learn strategies and skills to improve impulse control,...

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The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person:   Are you highly sensitive? More than 15% of people are more highly sensitive than others as documented in Elaine Aron’s book the Highly Sensitive Person. You will increase your awareness and learn where you fall on the scale....

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U.S. Citizenship Test Anxiety

U.S. Citizenship Test Anxiety:   Are you anxious about the U.S. Citizenship test? Have you postponed applying for citizenship due to your anxiety? This group will provide strategies and techniques to overcome your test anxiety and help you emotionally prepare for...

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