There are two kinds of pain. The first is the pain we inflict upon ourselves through our mistakes and choices. The second is the pain that another inflicts upon us through their choices. I’ll call it exogenous (from outside) pain which often breeds anger, resentment, and hurt, and endogenous (from within) pain which often breeds shame.

Forgiveness is the healing balm for both types of pain, and is the quickest and most-effective way to overcome both endogenous and exogenous pain. Self-forgiveness is imperative for relief from shame and pain that we feel from our own errors of choice. It is truly a gift of relief we give ourselves. And taking the steps through forgiveness to relieve ourselves for the exogenous pain received through the choices of others is also the most effective and essential step we can take toward our healing from the pain caused by others. Therefore, in all cases, forgiveness is the healing grace and the most valuable gift we can give ourselves.

Let’s all practice self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others each day. Give yourself that gift today!

If I can help in any way, I am here. Please reach out!

Jenni Kuck