How are you doing with January’s New Years Resolutions? Are you feeling successful? Or defeated? In the midst of October, it is often difficult to remember goals and resolutions that were set with determination and intention this past new year. Our hearts and minds were in such a good place when we set forth to improve our lives by making both large and small changes. Is it all for naught? A futile exercise in change that will now go disregarded until the next year rolls around again with the traditional desire to focus even temporarily on bettering our lives? I hope not!
Change is hard! But so are most things that I have done that have defined who I am and made me a stronger and better person! Sometimes it’s even hard to remember what it was that we wanted to change, especially if we are bogged down with lists of resolutions and goals such as some we may have found on Pinterest that made us excited to write down and commit to “The 17 Resolutions for 2017” or something equally exciting that grabbed our attention and our interest.
Could there be a better way? If you are like me, life is busy, and I can barely keep up with my lists of daily tasks that are necessary and essential parts of my life. When I must add energy to something new, it often gets lost in my list and in my day to day life. As I contemplated my resolutions and desire for change this year, I built a vision statement that helped me to remember desired changes that I wished to make, and then I came up with a one-word “mantra” that I could remind myself of every morning, every evening, or every time that my life seemed close to being out of control. A mantra is a word that we can meditate to, that can help center our lives and our desire for change, and that can motivate us to keep our vision of who we want to be ever-present in our minds. Three weeks into 2017, my mantra has become something that has received attention and focus and something that I remember and am working to incorporate into my own life in order to realize improvement and make my life better this year. And you know what? It’s working!
So what was your mantra for 2017? Spend some time to think about where you would like to be at the end of 2017. Would you like to be in a committed relationship? Would you like to move forward in your career? Would you like to forgive or to heal, or maybe have more peace or serenity in your life? Commit to your mantra this week, and then practice it and keep it in your consciousness.
It still is your year to be your best you!
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